Invitation: Boogie, Bugg, Swing

The Swedish Dancesport Federation and Dansklubben Buggie, DKB, have the pleasure to invite dancers from Norway, Finland and Denmark to Nordic Bugg Cup November 23d.

It will take place in Ulricehamn, about 86 km from Gothenburgh.

In Nordic Bugg Cup there will be Bugg Senior, Main and Juniors.

The Nordic Bugg Cup consists of three competitions in Bugg Senior, Main and Junior all classes.

The Final will be in Nordic Championship 2020 and the couples with most points in the end will be the best Nordic Bugg Dancers.

We will come back with further information.

Dansklubben Buggie will also arrange a national competition in all disciplines all classes, that is Bugg, Boogie Woogie, Trio Swing Show (Doublebug), Lindy Hop and Rock’n’Roll.


For more information: Kim Berghäll

Welcome to Sweden and Ulricehamn!

Best Regards

Swedish Dancesport Federation and Dansklubben Buggie

Siv Karlsson

Svenska Danssportförbundet


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